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Bug #4227 (Active): Migration problem: Google Analytics tags not migrated to upgraded site

Scratchpads issue queue - Sun, 2014-08-17 12:36

Hi guys,

Only just realised this but we've had no GA data since the migration, so it looks as though our GA tags were not migrated across - can you remedy, please?


Bug #4226 (Active): Problem importing specimens/observations

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2014-08-14 09:07

I am having problems importing Specimen records with the excel template. Collector and identifier are often imported incorrectly. Instead seemingly random names from the list of users are assigned. I have attached the template file I used to import the 100 specimen records that are in the scratchpads now. I have checked the column header names in the template and have tried various other things without luck. Could you check it please. For example ETHOIKOS:EBD:10272 (identifier wrong) and ETHOIKOS:EBD:10266(collector wrong).

Bug #4225 (Active): Biblio - taxonomic name

Scratchpads issue queue - Wed, 2014-08-13 18:16

When I import biblio, I can import keywords longer than 1000 characters, which automatically translate into taxonomic names and thus link to these taxa.

However, whenever I want to edit such a record I get an error regarding the keyword length.
This is also the case when manually entering a reference, and then I get the same error for taxonomic name.

This is unfortun ate,. since many publications refer to many species, and I woulsd like to link those all, even if the names exceed 1000 characters.
Is it possible to mend this?


Bug #4224 (Active): Custom CSS

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2014-08-12 17:38

Trying to set the colour of symbols in my map key (go to checklist, pick a species, click Map tab - Key is at the bottom, below the NBN map). Tried using <span style="font-color.."> in my tag rewrite code, but the style info gets stripped out - presumably by the HTML filter. <span id="..."> might work if I can get the font color and size attributes into a CSS file.

Is there a way to create a custom CSS file? This is a fairly common facility offered by many Drupal themes.


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