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New classification according to Lindquist & Moraza (2010) Zootaxa 2479: 1–21

Blattisociinae Garman, 1948


Muma, 1961

Adhaerenseius Loots & Theron, 1992

Arrhenoseius Walter & Lindquist, 2001

Blattisocius Keegan ,1944

    Paragarmania Nesbitt, 1951, sensu Karg, 1991

Cheiroseiulus Evans & Baker ,1991

Hoploseius Berlese, 1914

Lasioseius Berlese, 1916

Opilioseius Lindquist & Moraza, 2010

Orthadenella Athias-Henriot, 1973

Zercoseius Berlese, 1916

Platyseiinae Evans, 1957

Cheiroseius Berlese, 1916

Platyseius Berlese, 1916


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